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Ann Little
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"fantastic fun planting the dome....really "forgiving" and easy to use. It looks great and we will try to add to it each year. Many thanks for your help"
Amanda, Lancaster Royal Grammar School. [Dome & Tunnel Kit]

“Thank you – The dome looks wonderful, the children love it. I have sent for 2 sets of solar lights so a fairy kingdom it will become”
Patricia, Stretton Day Nursery. [3m Dome Build Carried out by us]

"Thank you for all your work yesterday. I have had lot's of very positive comments from people in the village. They especially enjoyed being able to join in with the construction. Children are already playing in it!"
Julie, Malton, North Yorkshire Community Project. [Dome and Connecting Tunnel]

"Hi Ann, Just to say my kit arrived all ok! We planted it today I'm really pleased with it and can't wait for it to start bursting into life! Thanks again
Debbie" Local School Project [Small Dome]

"The pupils are loving their willow, having great fun at break times and also helping to inspire their writing on the subject of the rainforest, where they made traditional head-dresses and then used the dome and tunnels as their 'den' whilst being warriors - they produced some very creative work following this! The willow was also a 'big hit' with our new parents of the next reception year who were very impressed by your handiwork and that their children had the privilege of a willow dome in their school garden! "
Kirkland & Catterall [Large Dome with two tunnels built by us with help from Children]

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Glad you enjoyed your day in Rainton. The dome and tunnel look great and can't wait until it starts to grow. Many thanks for all your help."
Martin, Rainton Community Project [ 3m Dome and 3m Tunnel built by us with local community children & adults helping]

"fantastic it has a great head of hair about 3 foot long and in need of a haircut. If you want to take any pictures pop over some time"
Martin, Local Project [Large 3m Arbour]

"Thanks very much for the kit. It looked like it might have been fun packing it up too - was the longest parcel I've ever received. Have now assembled the dome and it was really good fun. Just wanted to let you know how much fun we had making it.
All the best" [Jon, South East London]

"Thanks so much to for coming to school yesterday and building the dome and tunnel, for great rapport with the children, and for all the generous advice as well. Children, parents and staff all love it - I'm not sure who is the most excited!!!."
[Gill, Whitley Village School, Cheshire]




Living willow structures and sculptures are very easy to make. Scroll down this page to see some examples of structures
Our kits contain everything you need
Children love constructing domes and tunnels with willow
Ideal as an educational activity - making structures requires little skill and lots of imagination
Make a pactical hedge, fence or "fedge".
Exciting to watch your structures grow! Scroll down this page to see some examples of structures
See our online shop for details of available kits

One of the more recent uses for willow is to create living willow structures. Living willow structures and sculptures are very easy to make.

Children love constructing domes and tunnels with willow because it requires little skill and lots of imagination.

Living willow fences, ‘fedges’, are also an attractive alternative to conventional fencing. Some specialist companies construct willow walls, living willow hurdles filled with soil which make a solid structure with the added bonus of acting as a shield against noise and pollution.

Although almost any type of willow can be used for living willow structures, varieties such as Salix Viminalis are ideal. This is because they produce long straight rods without many side shoots which are easier to use for large structures.

See 'Online Shop' for pricing & ordering of Kits.

Books on the Subject:

Living Willow Sculpture by Jon Warnes. This covers in detail, tools & equipment, weaving, joining, and pruning. It also covers construction of domes, wigwams, fences, chairs, tunnels and arbours.



1) Willow Fedge


You can be more creative and undulate the top of your fedge or make holes and windows in it. Ties are simply used to secure the structure while it gets established The photos shown are of simple 1.8m fedge constructed last winter.

The two last shots are this summer, showing growth at the base and mainly at the top. Trimming the top will encourage lower growth. Lower shoots can also be woven in to thicken the base. See 'Online Shop' for pricing & ordering of Kits.

fedge1fedge2fedge3fedge4fedge 5


2) Low Willow Tunnel


This shows a long low bendy tunnel, again constructed last winter, with last photos taken this spring showing early growth.

This is about 1m high and 5m long, it is great fun to build. It is particularly easy for children to help with and requires only 1.5m long willow rods.

See 'Online Shop' for pricing & ordering of Kits.




You can design almost any shaped structure you wish, however there are of course a few restraints. We supply willow that is all new growth, i.e. Less than 12 months old, that means it is very supple and ideal for weaving and building. These can be any length up to 9ft.

Not all the rods in the structure need to be pushed into the ground, however any that are not will of course die away eventually and will need to be replaced by new growth being weaved in.

Your living willow structure will evolve over time, but to make this happen it is essential to maintain the structure during the winter, new growth needs to be tied in or pruned right out.

What is required:
- Sketch/design so you can work out rods required, allowing at least 15-20cm pushed into the ground.
- Appropriate numbers & sizes of Willow rods for your design.
- Weed suppressing membrane, heavy duty type that lets water through is ideal
- Pegs to hold down membrane
- Bar or metal stake to create holes & a large hammer (only needed if ground is hard)
- String or gardening twine to tie in the willow weave.



3) High Willow Tunnel

large tunnel

This high tunnel was constructed from 3m Rods and was very quick and easy to build.

The early photos were last winter and the last one this summer showing it in need a some attention.

This was later trimmed at the top to encourage lower growth and the lower growth weaved into the structure.

The membrane ensures easy maintenance and keeps moisture in.

See 'Online Shop' for pricing & ordering of Kits.

large tunnellarge tunnellarge tunnellarge tunnellarge tunnel


4) Willow Dome


This dome was again constructed last winter and vigorous growth can be seen in just a few months.

Trimming at the top and weaving in growth lower down is essential at least once a year, ideally two or three times.

The top of the dome will be open to begin with. You will gradually close up the gap when new growth can be woven and tied in during winter maintenance in the following years.

See 'Online Shop' for pricing & ordering of Kits.